Main Application Products

PET Stretch blow molding machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes from PET preform. It is widely used to produce the carbonated bottles, soft drink bottles, mineral water bottle, juice bottle, tea, milk drink bottle, medicine bottle, pesticide bottle, oil bottle, cosmetic bottle, wide-mouth bottle and hot filling bottle/barrel etc.

Detailed application as follow:

PET Bottle(drinking water ,carbonated drinking ,beverage juice drinking , edible oil , daily product bottles and so on)

5 Gallon PET Water Bottle

Wide neck jar/cans

Complete Production Line

Also in PET containers production , the PET Stretch blow molding machine can combination into a production line by conveyor system from the bottle making to final packing , which can be included PET blow molding machine , bottle leak testing machine , labeling machine ,empty bottle bag packing machine and so on . flow details can be as follow :

Transport Conveyor and Flotsam Edge Conveyor System

The transport conveyor is the flexible conveyor which is used to transport the bottles from the blow molding machine to another place , also can use to connect packing machine together (such as bottle neck cutting machine , leak testing machine , labeling machine , bottle bag packing machine and so on) , this flexible transport conveyor can change the transport direction base on need ( such as 90 degrees turn and so on) .

Flotsam Edge Conveyor is sued to transport the Flotsam Edge from blow molding machine to the plastic crusher ,the extrusion blow molding machine to make bottles will have Flotsam Edge after the bottle deflashing , so this conveyor can put between plastic crusher and bottle deflashing place .

Empty Bottle Leak Testing Machine

LSN Series Empty Bottle leakage testing machine is used to check the bottles/jerrycans/barrels if have leakages then to reject out the defective containers ,to control the containers quality .

Working Principle:
This machine transport the empty bottles/cans/jerrycans into the machine testing station under the testing heads, Then testing heads come down and press on the bottle neck to seal then fill the setting air pressure into the cans Thus, the empty bottles/cans/jerrycans will be in high pressure difference (positive interior & negative exterior). In that case, analog the status after filling the content into the emptybottles/cans/jerrycans with high pressure and check during the holding time. If there is any leakage, even tiny leakage will cause the pressure changing of the chamber, the pressure sensor will read the data and analyze it. If it is an over value, the empty bottles/cans/jerrycans will be rejected as defective empty bottles/cans/jerrycans.

Bottle Labeling Machine

The bottle labeling machine is used to doing the label onto bottles or containers , here we can support you different type labeling machine base on your need (such as adhesive labeling machine , OPP hot melt labeling machine , sleeve shrink labeling machine and so on) .

Empty Bottle Bag Packing Machine

The empty bottle bagging machine is designed to pack empty plastic containers into prepared plastic bags. The packing speed can be adjusted, which can improve the productivity greatly and reducing labor cost at the same time. Machine will be customized according to customers` containers. It can be in line integrated with other bottle making equipment such as blow molding machine and labeling machine, to achieve a full automatic production line for plastic containers

The empty bottle bagging machine can be suitable for PE,PP,PET and other type plastic bottles,Small footprint and fast speed , PLC +Touch screen controlled system,easy operation , effectively avoid the product contamination by human hands ,widely used in cosmetic ,food ,beverage, medicine and other fields .

The empty bottle bagging machine base on need will have 2 types (Semi auto LSN-BS180 and Full auto LSN-BA200) ,The LSN-BS180 model machine is semi auto, so it use the pre-cut bags and need worker to load bag onto machine by hand after a package finished , The LSN-BA200 is full auto type ,so it use the tube film roll install on machine ,then machine will automatic to pull and cut the bag from the roll , then pull bottles into bag , then transport out the finished package.